Iconography: Theotokos the Comforter

This was my second woodburning ever, and I made some mistakes with it. First of all, I didn’t do much research before starting, and I used oak. Oak and pine are the two worst woods to burn. (I used pine for my first woodburning, Christ the Teacher.) Pine is too soft, and oak is too hard. The second mistake I made was not utilizing the varying tones of burning. I just poked the wood until smoke came up and it was black. My third mistake was not following the “Comforter” icon exactly. I just basically made up the entire icon. There isn’t anything wrong with this inherently, but icons are written with such a wealth of symbolism that I missed out on in this one.

My first woodburning: Christ the Teacher

In spite of my mistakes, I love this one. And in spite of oak being too hard to burn, I love how the grain of the wood shows through.

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