Order Details and FAQs

Order Your Custom Art in Four Easy Steps!

Step One: contact me. Send me optional pictures and start a conversation. (If you are ordering a woodburned icon, you can just tell me who you want me to burn and I can do the research for you) I’m very flexible so odds are if you want something unique the answer will be yes, you only need to ask!

Step Two: place an order. I will give you an estimated time of arrival. I require a 40% down payment at this time. You do not need to pay in full until after the final edits and right before I ship. (See below for more details)

Step Three: Receive a picture of your order and give me feedback! I will give you two opportunities to give me any critiques you have of the order. (note: for a woodburning or drawing in pen this will only be a sketch in pencil as I can’t change the woodburning/ink drawing after I start) Please be as detailed as possible with your critiques, as it makes it easier for me to know how to fix the art. After the second opportunity to correct my work, I will send it as soon as I receive your payment.

Step Four: Receive the order and write a review. I never buy from people who don’t have good reviews, do you? Good reviews are very important to me and I will do everything possible to make your experience professional and convenient. If you have any problems, questions, or concerns with your order, please feel free to contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your availability?

I only take on one order every one to two weeks, and woodburnings can take up to one month. Orders are processed on a first-come first-serve basis. However, if you wish to rush-order something, please contact me with an approximate due date. Depending on how soon you need the order, I will charge an extra fee.

How do I pay you?

You can pay me through my Paypal. I require a 40% downpayment before I begin the project, and the rest of the payment right before I ship it to you and after all edits are completed. I will send you a link to pay after we discuss the order.

What if I don’t like my order?

I will give you two opportunities for critiques on your order. For instance, if you don’t like the subject’s shape of nose or darkness of hair, you can tell me to fix it and I will. However, you must tell me within those two opportunities to edit or I will ship it as is. Make sure that you tell me everything you don’t like about it as clearly as possible. The more detailed you are the better, because then I can better understand what I should fix.

I will also give you an opportunity within the first round of edits to choose to not work with me anymore, or you can tell me if you would like me to start over again. However, in either case I will keep the 40% downpayment for the time I have already put into the order.

What about refunds?

I only accept returns and issue refunds if your order is is either a famous person, a wood-burning of an icon, or some other piece of art that would be of value to other people. If your order is a custom portrait of yourself or of a loved one, there is no value to me or to anyone else besides you, and therefore there is no reason for me to keep the art or try to resell it.

If you provide proof that the piece of art has been damaged during the shipping process, I will either issue a refund or create a new replacement piece of art.

I will not refund any piece of art that has been damaged within your home. However, please contact me with any concerns or questions.

How many people can be in one portrait?

I can draw as many people as you want in the picture. However, I spend the most time on people’s faces. Therefore, I require $50 for each additional person. Note: this is not a hard and fast rule. Depending on the nature of your order this may not apply.

Can you draw other things besides people?

Yes! In fact, landscapes, pictures of buildings, pets, etc. are all easier to draw than portraits. Because of this, it will take me less time and I will charge less per square inch. Contact me for details.

I don’t know what I want but I want to contact you. Where do I begin?

That is perfectly fine! Here are some questions you can answer in your email that will hopefully make it easier for you:

  1. How many people do you want in the portrait?
  2. What size are you thinking? Or are you unsure?
  3. Do you want a picture of just the subject’s face, the subject’s head and shoulder, the subject waist up, etc.
  4. Would you like specific things in the picture that aren’t there? Such as an instrument or favorite book that is characteristic of the subject?