Hello! I am a self-taught artist and stay-at-home mom. Art was a hobby for me until people started contacting me asking to buy custom woodburnings and charcoal portraits. I have been making orders for people all over the US and I love it!

Good art tells a story.

What do you miss most about a loved one who is gone?

For me, it’s the little things. It’s their crooked smile, the twinkle in their eye, or their goofy laugh. It’s all the little details that makes them so beautifully individual, so wonderfully human.

Good art tells a story. It encapsulates the subject’s very essence and portrays it in a way that a photo cannot. In a portrait, a person’s soul shines through the lines and shadows, the characteristics hidden or gone unnoticed in a photo stepping forth to answer the question, “who are you?”

My passion is to tell your story.

The best storymakers tell the most riveting and realistic tales. My goal is to make your art as lifelike as possible so I can best share your story.